Catany Boat Club

  • A Club made to enjoy the sea.
  • A fleet at your disposal. 
  • You decide when to use your bookings.
  • You live the sailing experience using the boats as if they were yours.

How Catany Boat Club works

1. Choose the size of the boats and the number of bookings

When you join Catany Boat Club you choose the Category (the length of the boats you want to sail) and a Modality based on the number of bookings you want.

2. Book a boat through the APP

Once you become a member you access the Booking APP and you choose the days you wish to go sailing and the boats you want to use.

3. Training included in the membership

We give you all the necessary training so you can go sailing safely. You also have a 24 hour assistance service at sea.

4. Relax

The day you go boating you will only focus on having a great time sailing. When you arrive to the port you will access the boat as if it was yours, and if you want to you can add a paddle board or a wake board to your boat.

1. Hire a category and modality.

When you join Catany Boat Club you choose a Category (the length of the boats) and a Modality (here you choose how much you want to go sailing).


2. Book a boat through our APP.

As a member, you enter the booking app and choose a boat for the desired day.

3. Training, experience and safety

We will give you all the necessary training so that you can go sailing safely and you will have help at sea 24 hours a day.

4. ¡Relax and enjoy!

When the day of the reservation has arrived, you come to the port, park inside and go sailing as if the boat was yours. If you want you can add an accessory for your boat trip (Paddle board, Wake, etc.). You will have direct attention from the club about anything you need.

Private Boat Club

  • Enjoy

    One of the greatest benefits of being a Club member is enjoying a wide variety of boats at your disposal without any inconveniences.

  • Sail

    The boats are always ready to sail and your only job is to spend unforgettable moments at sea. You trade the administrative costs and hassles of owning a boat for having a fleet at your disposal.

  • Always close to you

    When you are out at sea you have a free 24 hour assistance service, and the Club's office is in the port in case you should need anything.

  • A passion for the sea

    We focus on taking the utmost care of the fleet as well as the needs and wishes of the Club members to ensure they have the best boating experience.

You will know the boats as if they were yours
A fleet at your disposal
Enjoy new boats
Free training
Go boating whenever you want to
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Benefits Catany Boat Club

  • NO hassle or maintenance costs

    The best of being part of a Catany Boat Club is to forget all the headaches that come with owning a boat and its maintenance costs. This is the new smart way of boating.

  • NO mooring costs

    Don’t pay high mooring costs. And also benefit from going out from different ports and get to know different parts of the island.

  • NO insurance costs

    Stop paying high insurance costs for a boat.

  • NO abbusive prices to enjoy boating

    Save up to 95% compared to owning a boat, without counting on the extra costs of owning a boat, like mooring, insurance and maintenance.

  • Not worries at all

    We offer assistance at sea 24 hours a day. If you have a breakdown and need towing or need any other type of assistance while at sea, Catany Boat Club gives you this service 24 hours a day for free. We accompany you In your experience and journey in anything you need.

You will know the boats as if they were yours
Access to all the fleet
Enjoy new boats
Free training
Go out from several ports
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To find out more about the Private Boat Club

Contact us and we will get back to you

Our location in Mallorca

Santa Ponça

Santa Ponça

Club Náutico de Santa Ponsa

Via de la Creu 46,
07180, Santa Ponsa
Calvia, Mallorca

Monday to Saturday
From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Sundays by appointment.

Mobile Phone

+34 722 422 806

Office Phone

+34 871 116 428

E-mail address