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Our team

Catany Boat Club was founded in 2017 with the dream of bringing the sailing experience to the people of Mallorca.

Nicolas Catany’s vision was to provide an option for those who did not have a boat: people would be able to set out to sea for a fraction of the cost of owning a motorboat. Previous sailing experience was not a factor, and an opportunity could be created for anyone who wanted to enjoy life at sea. With the current trend of a shared economy in almost all areas of society, a Boat Club was created for its members to share a boat. The initial idea was for them to enjoy the sea from one boat, but that concept grew into being able to share a whole fleet.

"Why buy a boat if you can have access to a fleet for a fraction of the price of a single boat."

Nowadays it doesn’t make sense to buy a boat, pay for its annual maintenance, insurance and mooring costs, and then have to deal with all the hassles that come with taking care of a craft.

Our Mission

Catany Boat Club offers a service for all the members of the Club to enjoy the sea without having to face the high costs and worries.

A boat owner makes an average of 17 trips per year. With Catany Boat Club you can make 24 trips with a 6 meters boat, from 2.100 € per year. Only the mooring for a boat of that length is around 5.000 € per year, so being a member of Catany Boat Club is a much more practical option. Our Club takes care of all the maintenance so that the members of the club do not have to worry about anything. If something breaks down, we fix it. The member arrives, goes out, enjoys, and returns home with a new experience each time. Life is measured in moments, and we want the members and their loved ones to have an incredible experience every time they go sailing. “Exploring this island from the sea is something magical.

At Catany Boat Club, we make sure that the people who are part of the Club feel comfortable and happy, and to make that happen we focus on taking the utmost care of both the fleet and the needs and desires of our members.

Nicolás Catany
Sales manager.
Customer Support.
Kerry Flannagan
Maintenance manager.
Javi Macias
Customer service
Sales Manager

Location: Club Náutico de Santa Ponsa.
Via de la Creu 46, 07180.
(Santa Ponsa, Calvia).

Monday to Saturday 9am to 4pm.
Sundays by appointment.